1.     How do 3rd party companies store customer’s data? And how do they ensure data is handled properly, such as the removal of names from the database? Any 3rd party company that stores customer data must register with the state and comply with strict local data protection laws.  Legislation requires that data only be collected for specific and justifiable reasons, adequately protected against theft or damage, and deleted after… Read More »

With nearly 30 years’ experience working at Frontline between them our announcement today should not come as a surprise: we are truly thrilled to announce the promotion of Nikki Blogg and Andrea Shotter. Together they will be leading the operating team to ensure that we nurture happy operators, happy customers and most importantly happy clients. Andrea will be assuming the role of Centre Manger. Andrea has consistently demonstrated her commitment… Read More »

Employees in the UK work longer hours that any of our European counterparts. In fact, if a recent TUC report is to believed, it seems that we not even particularly good at taking holidays… or even lunch breaks! Is it any wonder then that generation Y are revolting against this mind-set - “they don’t live for work… they work to live” -and that many companies now work hard to stress the opportunities… Read More »

image Source As one of the world’s leading financial and scientific centres, the UK is always a tempting prospect for a company looking to expand overseas. It’s the gateway to Europe, home to some of the finest business minds on Earth and always a shrewd investment. For all these reasons, it’s also a difficult country to branch into. There are decisions to be made, strict employment laws to rub up against… Read More »

  Working as a Customer Services agent is a tough role. You’re often confronted with challenging situations, problems and issues – and you’ve got to listen, adapt your style, problem solve and resolve the issue whilst providing an exceptional customer experience. So, from time to time, it’s worth consoling yourself with the words of some of the greats;   “Do what you do so well that they will want to… Read More »

  Go back in time only seven years, and social media was an optional marketing extra. Today, it’s possibly the most-significant customer service channel available to your team. Or should that be “customer service channels”? Rather than simply being one facet of the same thing, social media is about a multitude of different ways to interact with your customers. Each brings its own unique advantages, ready to be exploited by… Read More »

Hi all, Sean here with an overdue update! Just over a year ago we moved from Whiteley to Cosham which if you ask everyone involved was very eventful!   Since our move we have settled into the building and started to make it our own from painting the server room blue to putting signs up inside and outside of the office!     The initial move and setup of the… Read More »

Having issues getting into work due to the snow? At Frontline we are in a fortunate position where we rarely get affected by the snow. Just look at our car park snow free and full. If you need help with your phones call 01489 866 630

Gone are the days when communications companies simply sold telephone answering services. There are so many more everyday and specialist services they can provide. We take a look at what a really good communications company could do for your business, whether large or small. Communications companies, traditionally, specialised in inbound and outbound call centres and providing other services such as email handling and live web chat. Communication companies, especially those… Read More »

After many months of globetrotting, our Frontline bus finally settled at it final furthest location. At a whopping 10,553 miles from home, the team from Vysionics took the bus all the way to Melbourne, Australia. The winners decided to donate the £788.48 prize to the amazing Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice which cares for terminally ill people and their families. Thank you to all the ‘bus drivers’ and participants for all the great photos!   All the photos,… Read More »

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