10 easy tips to ‘wow’ a customer when they call Frontline Telephone Answering Service

“Good morning, Frontline telephone answering service. David speaking how may I assist you today?”
A professional, bright and friendly first point of contact can be integral in developing customer relations and in winning new business.

Getting this first, essential contact wrong could drive that all important sales lead to your competitor.

The tips below have been designed to ‘wow’ the customers from the start. By adhering to each of these tips can only result in your company gaining a reputation for having a winning customer service that keeps them coming back for more!

Over the next 10 days we thought it we good to share with you our customers just how we ‘wow’ a customer when they call Frontline telephone answering service

TIP 1. Set the conversation on an even keel with the right Salutation – It is amazing the impact that a bright and clear opening will have on proceedings. It can set the rhythm and tone of the call and can even, in some cases, truly disarm a disgruntled caller. TOP TIP: DO NOT use and telephone answering machine – people do not like them and they will move on until the can speak to a real human being. Remember; in most cases the frontline of your business is the telephone answering response. If you are unable to provide this find a professional telephone answering service to do it for you.

Look out for tip 2 tomorrow!