3 areas of call handling where an empathetic approach may be necessary

Sometimes empathy can go a long way when it comes to call handling, whether you’ve got a disgruntled customer on the end of the line or someone going through a difficult time. Compassion and empathy could be exactly what’s required in the following three examples:

1. Customer service Sometimes things don’t go to plan: let’s say you’ve got outsourced customer service and a customer rings up to say a product hasn’t arrived on time. Having to wait for a product can make people react in different ways; if the wait has proved particularly frustrating for someone, then employing an empathetic approach may help. By sharing in their frustrations and letting them know that you’re sorry at the same time, you could potentially calm them down while at the same time providing them with all the information they require.

2. IT support An empathetic approach could also be adopted at times during first line IT support. If someone is working on a particularly important document that, for some reason, they cannot access, it can sometimes be upsetting. It means that their emotions will be heightened by the time they contact IT support. They stand a better chance of successfully retrieving the document if they are calm and composed. So if they sound particularly upset, before they are guided through any potential document recovery process they could be shown empathy to hopefully calm them down. If successful, they should have a much better chance of finding their document.

3. Funeral call handling Emotions are rarely higher than when someone has to arrange a funeral. Saying goodbye to a relative or a loved one is one of the hardest things many people will have to go through. Therefore it stands to reason that a compassionate and empathetic approach will go a long way when someone gets in touch. By showing someone empathy during a dark time in their life, any business element is taken away from the call. When it comes to making funeral arrangements, simply by being compassionate, empathetic and professional, the caller will feel like they’re being understood, while at the same time know that they’re in capable hands.

If you’re looking for an empathetic and understanding call handling specialist for your funeral business – or, indeed for your IT support or customer service departments – give us a call today.