3 reasons phone calls are still a top way to deliver customer service

In the digital age, many people may assume customer phone calls and call centres are outdated. But actually, phone calls are one of the best ways to deliver customer service, and most customers prefer it. Phone calls offer something that fancy websites, and elaborate emails simply don’t. Here are just three reasons why phone calls are still considered a top way to get your customer service perfect.

1. People trust phone calls

Hearing a human voice at the end of the line builds trust. That level of assurance can’t be achieved by automated systems or text responses. People need to hear proper, human interaction to trust what is being said, and to feel assured that they have been listened to and understood. When your customers trust your business they will feel more satisfied with the levels of service received, and will likely use your business again in the future.

2. Phone calls make positive experiences

Depending on the nature of your business you may deal with customers who are sad, grieving or angry. It is simply not possible to ease that person’s mind with impersonal responses. A phone conversation means that your business has the opportunity to display empathy, to offer words of comfort and assurance, and to resolve issues. This makes for a far more positive customer experience, and your call centre staff could turn the mood around and help them to feel better. This will make you a leading company in customer service, and put you above the competition.

3. Phone calls resolve issues faster

There is nothing more frustrating than having to email a query or complaint and then wait around for a response. It gives customers more time to become angry or annoyed, and could have a long term effect on how they view your business. Phone calls enable you to resolve matters immediately, which keeps customers happy, and on side. Perfect for retaining existing customers, and enticing new ones.

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