3 situations that require human customer service – no robots!

In this age of modern technology, many call centres now rely on automated systems to manage their customer calls and enquiries. These bots can answer basic questions, solve basic issues and provide customers with more information. But undeniably there are times when an automated system just won’t do. In fact, here are just three situations that require real human customer service.

1. The customer is angry or upset

When people are experiencing strong emotions, particularly negative ones, communicating via an automated system can be frustrating and unhelpful. The lack of human empathy on the end of the line makes the experience impersonal, uninviting and unsympathetic. Anger and sadness cannot be dealt with via robot, and often these types of calls require human interaction so that the problem can be understood and acted upon appropriately. It can also work wonders to hear a kind and friendly voice and so personable contact centre agents are definitely required.

2. The customer is busy

If the customer is in a rush then they need a simple answer quickly. Having to press multiple numbered options or answer endless yes or no questions takes up too much time. This type of system will only serve to make the caller angry, annoyed and impatient. To build strong customer relationships and trust in your brand you should aim for calls to be answered quickly, and solutions to basic problems to be delivered in a timely manner.

3. The query is complex

Sometimes customer queries, complaints or problems are too complex to be dealt with by a bot. Automated systems often require clear-cut answers that customers may not be able to provide. Complicated queries should always be dealt with by call centre agents who can ask real questions by responding to the information they already know. Everybody’s call will be in some way different, and bots simply aren’t able to respond to individual needs.

To ensure your customer calls are always greeted by professional, knowledgeable staff consider outsourced customer service. At Frontline we are committed to providing businesses with a quality call centre run with the highest levels of customer care. Contact us today for more information.

Image from Flickr