3 ways an outsourced call centre can prevent lost revenue

Answering customer calls is fundamental to providing top quality customer care. Be it enquiries, sales calls or complaints, your business will run to the best of its ability when calls are handled efficiently. This isn’t always easy to do with your own team, especially if it’s small, but outsourced customer service can help prevent lost revenue for your business. Here are 3 ways how.

1. Prompt answering service

When you outsource your call centre you take away the immediate pressure from your busy office. If staff have a large workload to focus on, then answering calls can be disruptive, and it may take a while for all incoming calls to be answered. Leaving this to an outbound centre relieves your staff and ensures all customers get prompt answers, making them more likely to buy.

2. Available all hours

Another issue with running your own contact centre team is that you may find yourself limited to office hours. This makes you hard to reach for those who may need to call you in the evenings or through the night. Offering a 24/7 phone service means that you will never miss a sale or potential lead, no matter what time of the day it is. If customers can’t get through to you, they will soon look to another company, which will result in loss of custom and sales.

3. Efficient and professional staff

With fully trained customer service experts taking your calls, you can ensure the absolute best care is being delivered to your customers. This boosts your brand reputation, encourages repeat custom and ensures that your customers trust your business. If your calls are not handled by professionals you run the risk of losing revenue, as customers will seek to find support somewhere else.

If outbound customer service could improve your business, and help minimise your risk of revenue loss, contact Frontline today. Our professional service provides you with fully trained customer service agents, who will adapt to your business, and who will be on hand for your customers 24 hours a day.