3 ways to maximise your customer appeal

Whether you have just started up a new business or you have been trading for a long time, there are always ways you can increase your profits. Your business may have become a bit stagnant, maybe your reputation is far from perfect or you are struggling to get your business off the ground. Most businesses have these obstacles but fear not, there are some simple improvements you can make to maximise your customer appeal, which will help you achieve real success.

Prioritise excellent customer service

It doesn’t matter if you offer products or provide services to your customers; great customer service is essential if you want to grow your business. Your customers should feel satisfied with the service they have received, as this is the way you will build a prosperous business. Are you getting enough repeat customers? If customers use your services or buy your products only once and never again, there is a good chance it might be down to your approach to customer service; so this is worth looking at improving.

Improve your branding

The branding of a business is essential and this doesn’t just come down to your logo and other graphics; it is also about how customers perceive your business and how much value you provide. It can be challenging to get the branding right, but it is essential for business growth. This might mean venturing onto new social platforms where your target audience is and engaging with them. Word of mouth is also a very powerful marketing tool, so if you create real value and a strong brand which rewards loyalty, you will find that customers will flock towards you.

Be available

There is nothing worse for customers than trying to get in touch with a company, only to find that the phone rings out or they are held in a long queue. As a small business, you probably won’t have the time to ensure availability round the clock and this is why outsourced customer service can be beneficial. Even large organisations can find it difficult to keep up with customer demands and this could lead to loss of orders, which is not something any business can afford to do.

At Frontline, we provide an outsourced customer telephone answering service to our customers, which will ensure that no calls go unanswered. We can help you build a positive brand through our excellent service and be available to take your calls – even when you are otherwise engaged. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your customers’ needs are being met, even while you are enjoying a well-earned relaxing break? Get in touch with us on 01489 866630 to find out more.

Photo: Hello! by Hernan Piñera licensed under Creative commons 2