Weekend Antics Continued


Hi all! It’s Sean with Frontline Telephone answering Service. Sorry I have not blogged for a while. I have been quite busy learning under the wings of Mark our IT manager. He will be away for a month when his baby is born so I will be helping out doing some of his work.

As promised I will tell you what happened at the paintballing that I went to last Sunday. It started off with a very early start of 7.30!! Which is an alien concept for me; however I got up early and was ready to go Rambo on everyone. The first game of the day was a barrel level where you had to keep moving forward and eliminate the other side. Before we started though the teams had to be evened up as somehow it was 30 people against me and 7 of my friends. Luckily the marshal allowed our other 8 friends to join our team which we thought would make us unstoppable. Unfortunately this was not the case. We lost almost every game! Towards the end of the first game I was getting a bit bored of waiting for the opposite side to move forward so I went for it! I stood up and started walking towards them shooting at anyone I could see. It went surprisingly well getting two people out in the process.

The biggest problem our team had apart from being out numbered was the fact that we did not have enough money to buy all the paintballs that we needed for each half of a game. This meant that we had to preserve paintballs so we could last a full game. This was a problem because you would need to fire several times to get a hit as the paintballs would curve. This problem was amplified for me and one of my friends as we had itchy trigger fingers and was more than happy to shoot all our rounds at one person or as I like to say Spray and pray. Now I know you are not meant to shoot someone more than once, as once shot you are out. But quite often the opposing team would not put their hands up so we had to encourage them to do so which meant shooting a number of rounds at one person.

Ironically the Euro millions advert is quite relevant to paintballing because you need a lot of money to properly enjoy yourself.