4 benefits of outsourcing your IT support

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing your first line IT support to a specialist contact centre. Whether you’re a large business requiring additional, external IT support, or a small or medium sized business looking to improve the efficiency and expertise of your current IT capabilities – outsourcing your IT support can have significant benefits for your business.

1. Cost reduction

Outsourcing your first line IT support is a very cost effective method of ensuring you maintain the high-performance standards required from your IT systems, while negating the costs attached with hiring and developing a full-time employee. Permanent members of staff require high financial commitment incurring costs including recruitment, training, health insurance, employee taxes and retirement or pension plans. Outsourcing your IT support offers you the expertise you need, without impacting the number of staff of your permanent payroll.

2. Keeps people focused

Outsourcing your IT encourages each of your specially recruited staff to focus on and perform in the job roles they were hired into.

3. Increases productivity

While it might be tempting to keep the cost of your IT support in-house – perhaps with one responsible employee – it can dramatically impact the productivity of the rest of your colleagues if they’re distracted trying to deal with IT issues. The time and costs saved by outsourcing your IT support to an expert contact centre can be measured by the increased focus of your staff. Additional colleagues don’t need to waste time supporting the person with the IT issue – it can be dealt with, usually extremely efficiently, by experts off-site.

4. Additional expertise

If you were to hire a person in-house to manage your IT support you are relying on their knowledge, skills and past experiences to solve any IT issues that arise. Outsourcing your IT support offers you access to an experienced team of IT professionals, whose shared knowledge increases the chances of fixing your issues first time.

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