5 reasons to use a telephone answering service to take your customer orders

As technology continues to evolve, an increasing number of businesses are turning to online forms for customer transactions, rather than providing a telephone answering service. However, although this may seem like an easier way to increase your orders, it can actually prove to be quite problematic. These are some reasons why a telephone answering service is a much more effective option.

Personal approach

Most people prefer a personal approach, which is why so many consumers still shop on the high street – even though they could easily do it from the comfort of their own home. When you provide a telephone answering service to take customer orders, you are connecting with customers on a more personal level, improving the reputation of your brand and, as a result, increasing your customer base.

No missing orders

One disadvantage of technology is that it can be temperamental – so how do you know you haven’t missed some important orders? If customers encounter issues using your website, they are likely to just turn to your competitors. However, with a telephone answering service, you can be assured you will never miss an order.

Cost effective

E-commerce websites are expensive and sometimes this technology is just not viable, especially for small businesses. A telephone answering service, on the other hand, is a much more cost-effective option.


If customers are ordering directly from your website, it is near impossible to try and upsell any other products. However, with a telephone answering service, the customer service agent can use their sales skills to encourage your customers to buy some of your other products. They are far more likely to do this when they have already built up a rapport with the agent. What a great way to improve your sales!


The important benefit of a telephone answering service is that there is engagement between the customer service agent and the customer, which can help encourage vital feedback for the benefit of your business. For example, the outsourced customer service agent may ask the customer if they’ve purchased from you before and if they liked the product. They may even ask if there’s any other products the customer would like to see or any improvements which could be made. This information is invaluable and much more difficult to achieve via online forms.

If you want to ensure a professional and reliable telephone answering service for your business so that all your orders are taken care of – we can help. You may want to use this service alone or combine it with your online order form. Call us today on 01489 866630 to discuss your options.

Photo: Rachel by omur002 licensed under Creative commons 2