A new look for Frontline’s site


In April Frontline had the pleasure of having a professional photographer come in and take some photos of staff for our new website which will be revealed in the next few months. The photographers name was Michael Palmer, he made the day very enjoyable and relaxing for staff involved. Members of staff were so relaxed with Michael that they were even coming up with ideas for photos which Michael was more than happy to go along with.

The idea for the photos is to make our new site more personal and to show people the person on the other end of the phone. We also wanted to get away from using stock images that did not do our staff justice. Also by getting original photos we did not risk having other sites using the same photo as us.

If you interested in looking at some of Michael’s work please check out his site: http://www.michaelpalmer.com/

Or if you are interested to see what Michael wrote about us please see: