Benefits of outsourcing your first line IT support

Companies of any size will discover that outsourcing first line IT support offers a number of advantages. Specialist contact centres offer efficient first line IT support services which can help cut costs and workload for IT departments and ensure problems are prioritised accurately and effectively.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing first line IT support

Outsourcing first line IT support provides a cost-effective solution, while ensuring all clients maintain the high performance levels of their IT systems. You will be able to save money on staffing costs, while experiencing professional IT support services that are available whenever needed.

An added benefit of outsourcing your first line IT support is that your specialist IT employees can remain focused on their principal job role, without being sidetracked by the necessity of handling support calls. Maintaining all aspects of your IT support service in-house can actually result in major productivity losses, as skilled IT specialists can be distracted and sidetracked off their main tasks to provide support to staff with IT issues. You will find that outsourcing first contact to a professional call centre will have a really positive impact upon all the staff working within IT.

Higher levels of customer satisfaction

Outsourcing IT support means your business benefits from round the clock service, as call centres operate 24/7, making it possible to log IT problems from the moment they occur. The provision of updates to users also means higher levels of customer satisfaction are experienced.

It’s often the case that skilled call centre operatives can offer first time fixes to enhance your customer satisfaction levels. Because call centres handle IT calls on a regular basis, knowledge levels within teams builds to a high level, and this pooled information is highly likely to result in increased levels of first time fixes.

Expertly handled and managed support

You can expect extensive logging of all received calls, with priority levels allocated by the call centre. This makes it easier to handle the most urgent IT jobs more speedily and efficiently.

Overall, you will notice a cut in the time taken to resolve incidents when you opt for outsourced first line IT support. Again, this provides far higher levels of service to your end users.

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