The benefits of outsourcing to a dedicated operator

What do you do with your customers when your office closes for the holidays? Auto-responders for emails, good. What about the phone? Argue with staff over who’s going to call by the office and return voicemails… If you’re in IT, like many of our clients, you might be thinking to install software to handle it all and politely relay a message, with button options, to solve customer queries. It’s a bit risky though, seeing as your competitors have real people for their customers to talk to. You could always do it yourself. Or hire a temp, a temp can do all that, right? Maybe, maybe not. What you could do, for the cost of a temp, is hire a dedicated operator.

So much more than a telephone answering service

Whether you need someone on demand or a scheduled dedicated operator, we maintain a team of fully trained people to offer constant support. The best way to view your dedicated operator is like an extended member of your team – trained and primed to work seamlessly as an integrated part of your business. And, unlike a temp, a dedicated operator will know your business; we’ll have sent them to your site to see first hand what your business is like. They’ll learn, smell, touch and feel your products. Currently, most of our customers are IT companies. They train our team with a handful of core skills so we can then provide first line support, with first time fixes. It’s a telephone answering service with bells, whistles and some.

Beyond the holidays: take advantage of the benefits

Like anything, once you realise you’re onto a good thing it can become addictive. Especially when it means you can have more free time, if you want, because your dedicated team is dealing with your customers – that’s exactly what some of our clients do. They can take more time out because they’ve saved time and money by not having to cover the cost of things like maternity pay, sick leave, and pensions. We still have to, but you don’t. What you do get is a fully managed person who’s guaranteed to turn up for work everyday. Oh, no lunch breaks to cover, either.

A dedicated seat just for you

Our teams rotate through the dedicated seat, each spending a day a week (in some cases) handling requests for your business; they don’t become complacent, they don’t get bored. Dedicated teams can be designed to support any service level agreement. It’s a tailored and bespoke solution, but the possibilities are endless.

In short, you get an extended member of the team, but without the extra costs. They’ll be the voice of your business, scripted in your tone, delivering professional customer service – all for a similar price to what you’d pay for a temp. And just in case you’re curious, for peace of mind, we retain very limited information about our client’s business operations.