Building Clear Customer Communication Channels

The customer is always king, and for any business to survive it is important that a loyal customer base is developed over time. The most cost effective marketing that any company can do is free, and involves recommendation by current customers to potential customers through word of mouth or posting on social media. Brand recognition is vital, but what can you do to ensure your customers are satisfied enough to want to recommend you?

Develop a Customer Focused Approach – Always think about what your customer wants. This should run through your entire organisation with a view to delivering fantastic customer service at every turn.

Create Clear Communication Channels – Create a clear line of communication. Your customers must be able to quickly and easily figure out how to contact you for various reasons. If they want to make a purchase, how do they do so? If they have a complaint, what’s the route they should take?

Build a Complaints Procedure – Every company faces complaints occasionally, even the very best. It is important to design and implement a complaints procedure that safeguards your customers and ensures real and effective resolution and consequence.

Train and Evaluate Regularly – All of the above can be achieved through regular training of your staff members, as well as evaluation of core services and standards with a view to constant improvement.

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