Can verbal communication increase your sales?

We live in a time when technology is all around us, and with this comes more options for businesses to increase their sales. With the constant advances in technology, do we really need to pick up the phone and speak to customers or can it all just be done online? The answer is yes. If you run a business and want to improve your sales, you need to pick up the phone and speak to customers too and these are some reasons why.

Build relationships

It is very difficult to build relationships with your customers if communication is always done via email, social media and contact forms etc. You can’t build a rapport properly and, quite often, non-verbal communication can sometimes be misconstrued. Speaking on the phone can help to create a relationship with your customer, you can gain a better understanding of what they are looking for and even add some humour to the conversation. This is something you can’t do as easily when you are using non-verbal communication.

Upselling products

It is much easier to subtly upsell products when you are already chatting on the phone than it is to do it via written communication – as it’s a very obvious sale. With a bit of skill, you can upsell your products without the customer realising you are doing it and after building a bit of a rapport, they are much more likely to say yes!

Listen and understand

It is a lot easier to listen and understand the customers’ needs and expectations by chatting with them on the phone. You can answer questions and the whole discussion is more natural than it is if you are communicating non-verbally.

Complete the sale

How many times have you considered buying a product or service, emailed about it, then just completely forgot to reply? This is something everyone has probably done at one stage or another and it can easily cause your business a loss of sale. However, with a phone call, customers are much more likely to follow through and complete the sale.

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