Catch up

Hi all, Sean here with an overdue update! Just over a year ago we moved from Whiteley to Cosham which if you ask everyone involved was very eventful!


Since our move we have settled into the building and started to make it our own from painting the server room blue to putting signs up inside and outside of the office!




The initial move and setup of the office was very daunting for everyone involved some of us stayed for over 24 hours getting everything setup below are the pics of before/during our move:







Back to the present before the end of 2014 we decided we had the new building now we need new kit! So we are pleased to say that everyone in the office is now running on the same operating system and everything is uniform. We also now have dual monitors on all operating desks which we finished installing last week!


Oh… we also have a training room!


To everyone that helped during the move and the setup of the new machines we thank you for the hard work and for everyone else thank you for baring with us over the past year!