Could overflow call handling help your business?

If you already have an in-house customer service team, you may need to consider external support during peak hours. Whilst it wouldn’t be cost-effective to expand your team and have advisors sitting waiting for the call to ring, you do need to ensure that customers can access a representative without long wait times.

Outsourcing your overflow calls to an external contact centre may be the ideal solution. Providing cost-effective customer care, your business can respond to client needs without hiring additional in-house staff.

As well as being fully trained and understanding the nature of your business, outsourced call agents ensure that calls are escalated when necessary. By assessing the customer’s reason for calling, we can determine the appropriate response and ensure that your company continues to build an enviable reputation.

Incorporating an out-of-hours service

If your business deals with queries on a 24-hour basis, using outsourced customer service providers ensures that your customers are able to make contact with a representative quickly but that you don’t have to build a 24-hour team yourself.

Urgent queries may not be all that common, for example, so it may not make financial sense to pay in-house staff to cover the phones around the clock. By using a telephone answering service, however, you can provide 24/7 customer service to your clients at a relatively low cost.

Logging each call to ensure accuracy

Although it’s vital to treat each caller as an individual and respond to their queries professionally, it’s also important that every call is logged and recorded. This information allows data to be compiled and your business can respond or grow to customer trends and needs.

With automatic logs and bespoke reports available, you can access call data whenever you need to. In addition to this, outsourced customer service advisors can add information to your Customer Relationship Management system immediately. This means that you can access real-time business information from wherever you’re based and respond as quickly as you need to.

Why struggle to offer exceptional customer service when you can incorporate top-level customer care so easily? To find out more about using an external contact centre, contact us today.