Creating a Natural Environment for Charity Call Centre Conversations

The Frontline team has plenty of experience in assisting companies working within many different sectors. When it comes to the not-for-profit and charity sector, we have the ability to work as the first point of contact for many individuals looking to make a donation to a certain charity.

There is a lot of responsibility when working with clients in this field and we have the flexibility of approach and the track record of success within the sector to understand that a team set to work on behalf of a charity will have a completely different outlook to one working for a client within the retail sector and expecting us to take orders over the phone, for instance.

We will work extensively with you to ensure that the finer details of the charity and its brand are completely understood by our team prior to any calls being taken. That being said, we know that a different approach is required when talking to potential donors, and sometimes it is important to not follow a script as decisively as you would sometimes within another sector.

A more natural and compassionate flow is required when working on a charity client’s project, ensuring that the caller has been provided with all the information they require (often sensitive and upsetting information) in a way that is compassionate and relies on signposts and prompts, rather than the often detached and impersonal following of a script.

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