Hidden costs of employing call centre staff

As a business you undoubtedly need people answering your telephones. Excellent and efficient call handling promotes customer loyalty, boosts sales and ensures that your business remains professional and contactable at all times. When you look at hiring call centre agents to manage your phone lines you probably consider their wage cost and little else in terms of finance. But there are actually some hidden costs that you may not have considered yet. Take a look.

1. Advertising and interviewing

To hire staff, you will need to follow the process of advertising and then interviewing. While there are many ways to list your ad for free, the best results often come from paying for a higher listing or seeking help from an employment agency. Even if you list the ad for free, you will need to pay for staff time during the interview process.

2. Staff training

For your business to be the best it can be, your call centre staff need to be professional in the art of customer service. This takes time and training. Of course, they will then need to be trained on your specific service and business, which all takes time and money.

3. The latest systems

Phone systems are constantly evolving to offer more and more services and ensure the best quality calls and service for your customers. But keeping up-to-date with the latest systems can be a financial drain, especially for small businesses. Each new system may require new staff training as well.

4. 24/7 staffing

A good business answers its telephones, but a great business answers around the clock. 24/7 customer service is essential to stand apart from your competitors and ensure top levels of customer satisfaction. It also means you’ll never miss a sale. But having enough staff to monitor your calls 24/7 can run up a huge wage bill.

Avoid these hidden costs with one simple solution. Here at Frontline, we offer outsourced customer service that takes care of everything for you. Our staff are fully trained and professional and kept up-to-date with the latest systems and services. Contact us today to find out more.