How a contact centre can improve customer care

When a business chooses to outsource its customer service department to an external call handling centre, the number one concern is likely to be the level of customer care that is delivered. Not handling customer calls in house can raise concerns about the language that will be used when conversing with customers, and whether that company’s customers are treated as importantly as another company’s. There are many ways in which outsourcing your customer calls to an expert call handling facility can actually improve your customer service. If it’s something you’re considering for your business, read on to understand the benefits.

Proactive customer service

One of the most impactful ways an outsourced customer service centre can help to improve customer relationships is by developing a pro-active approach to customer service. For example, if customers are entitled to loyalty schemes or rewards, or if they have payments due, a quick call can serve as a friendly reminder that your business wants to create the best possible experience for that customer.

Keep up to date

On top of dealing with all of the inbound calls you receive from customers, you need to ensure people’s details are kept up to date, including records of previous purchases, issues and contact details. Having an outsourced customer contact facility means all of this pressure is taken off you and your business, and information saved on customers can be regularly audited for efficiency improvements. As customer data is updated, you are able to better communicate with them moving forward, saving wasted time on incorrect details.


Outsourcing your customer service to an independent call centre means the service and feedback you’ll get from your customers can be delivered back to you with no bias, helping you overall to improve the understanding you have of your customer base.

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