How to deal with an angry caller

Receiving a phonetical from someone who’s upset, irate or angry isn’t an easy task, no matter how experienced you are in call handling. You’re answering the call as part of your job and don’t expect to be spoken to rudely, as it is likely you personally are nothing to do with the reason the person is upset. However, understanding how to deal with a call where someone is upset or angry and resolving their issue positively can go a long way in successfully resolving any frustrations they have, improving their opinion of the customer service you provide.


In dealing with an irate caller, you need to first and foremost understand the person’s reasons for calling so upset. Try to listen out for key phrases, words or statements they make which will help you get to the crux of the problem. Is it a product issue they’re frustrated about, have they been waiting a long time to speak to someone, have they been passed throughout the business to different points of contact without having their issue resolved? Once you’re able to understand the main reason the person is so frustrated you’ll be able to deal with their real issue effectively.


Put yourself in the person’s shoes, without judgement. If they’re truly upset, disappointed or angry at the situation they’re in, consider how you would feel if you were in the same situation. Use empathetic phrases such as: ‘if it was me, I would be upset too’, and ‘I can understand why you’re so frustrated’. By agreeing with the caller you’re allowing them to feel their feelings are justified, and it will be the first step you take in finding a rapport to allow you to successfully resolve the issue they’re unhappy with.

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