How to Get Your Customers to Shout about Your Services

No matter how good you make your services and your products, you are always going to need new customers to make your business viable over a long period of time. Branding is vital to this process, and one area where you might not realise your brand is being perceived, is where your customer interactions with your employees is concerned.

Branding is not just about what logo and font you use to advertise your business, or the colour scheme of your products. Good branding is also about how you interact with your customers and the processes in place to deal with customer complaints. Good customer service is therefore one of the central tenets of good branding. As a company that deals directly with customers on a regular basis you can build good branding recognition and consistency of branding with great customer service.

Improve Customer Service

The best way to get your customers to shout about your business is to improve your customer service standards. By improving and maintaining high levels of performance from your inbound call operatives, you can ensure that branding consistency is maintained at all times and that your customers remain happy. With the use of our call centre staff to look after your customer service team, be your order-taking service or deal with overflow and out-of-hours calls, will help you to build this high standard you are looking for.

Utilise Multi-platform Channels

There are many different ways in which your customers and potential customers can now get in touch with you. Through phone, email, face-to-face instore, or through a multitude of social media platforms, you have to have your finger on the pulse and know what to expect within each platform that you are in conversation with your customers. This will help you to engage in the right way every time. We can help you work out a strategy and deal with multi-platform interactions on your behalf.

Seek and Use Customer Feedback

It is also vital that you seek the feedback of your customers at every step, and then feed this back into your strategies of customer interaction and training for your in-house staff. Sometimes, it works much better to utilise the skills of your in-house staff to create the best products and services that you can, whilst our expertise in call handling can be used to improve your customers perception of the communication and interaction with your brand.

At Frontline, we have a team of expert contact centre agents with the experience and skills to help your business through a wide range of services. We can help improve your customer service standards by providing you with out of hours support and call overflow services, we can improve the buyers journey by being the first port of call through our order-taking service and we offer multi-channel communication services where you can get heard across multiple platforms.

There are many different ways in which you can improve your standards and maintain them. The better your brand performs, the more likely your customers are to recommend you to others and help you build your brand up. Brand consistency is important, and with our services you can guarantee this. To find out more, please feel free to contact our friendly team today on 01489 866630 or by emailing