Increase customer satisfaction with a 24 hour contact centre

Although the internet has made businesses more accessible than ever, most customers still want to be able to contact companies via the telephone. In addition to this, standard 9-5pm business hours rarely meet customer expectations these days.

With many consumers willing to pay extra for a product or service if they receive exceptional service, companies can meet their customer’s needs and even increase their turnover by providing a 24-hour customer care line.

Ensuring your availability isn’t always easy to do, however, particularly if you rely on existing staff to provide around-the-clock service. Whilst companies could develop an in-house 24-hour customer service team in theory, this can be expensive.

Rather than paying to train staff, rent extra office space and implement new in-house systems, companies can reduce costs by outsourcing their customer service to a reputable contact centre.

Choosing your telephone answering service

Although you may be using outsourced customer service, it’s still important that your brand is properly represented. When you choose your contact centre, it’s vital that staff understand the nature of your business and your customer’s needs.

Rather than simply acting as message takers, customer service representatives will provide an authentic and professional demeanour when interacting with callers. If customers are likely to contact your company with straightforward queries, for example, representatives can provide the information they require immediately, ensuring they are satisfied with the care they receive.

Alternatively, if your company is likely to receive urgent or emergency calls, these can be forwarded to designated members of your team, as per your instructions. Often, businesses require a 24-hour contact centre when they need to respond to customers at any time of the day or night. Although not every call is likely to be an emergency, you can be sure that reliable contact centre staff will respond to time-sensitive matters appropriately.

Implementing outsourced customer service

Unlike developing your own around-the-clock team, outsourced customer service can be arranged and implemented very quickly. Once you’ve specified your requirements, experienced call handlers can learn about the nature of your business and be trained to interact with callers according to your existing customer care strategy.

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