Multilingual Capabilities from Frontline

For many businesses there is a requirement to speak to customers and suppliers in different parts of the world. If you are growing a business and can only speak one language, what happens when you have potential customers or an important supplier in a country where English is not a language used that much?

Instead of losing out on potential growth, you could use the services of Frontline, where we provide an interpreter and translation service for all of your needs.

That way, you can speak to your customers and suppliers in their own language, without worrying about losing out. In the modern world, where business can successfully travel across borders, why would you restrict your business to just one country, and just one language?

The Frontline team can provide the following multilingual services:

  • Telephone ordering packages in up to 85 languages
  • Over the phone counselling
  • An out of hours call response team
  • Call handling services
  • Call reporting and analysis

We also offer bespoke packages that can be discussed in detail with you.

Our team understands that product and service knowledge is important in any language, with a professional edge to our service that means your customers and suppliers know we are working for your brand. We work to the highest standards of professionalism at all times, no matter the language being spoken.

For more information about our multilingual services , speak to the Frontline team today on 01489 866630 or