Our Fresh Approach To Recruitment

Hi my name is Sean and on Monday 5th of July I began my placement with Frontline. Prior to this I worked part time as an operator for Frontline while I studied at University and College. I chose to do my placement with Frontline because they have been good to me over the years and I knew that I would be given real responsibilities.

On my first day I was told that I will be looking into the recruitment process and identify areas which I felt needed improvement. I started by looking at the advert that we placed and where we placed it. Normally Frontline would advertise vacancies through the local paper. I looked at the price that the paper was charging and thought to my self for that price I would go around with a sandwich board for the day and advertise the vacancy! So I thought I would look into advertising online to see if I could save the business some money and reach a wider audience. I advised David that we could save £446.03 if we chose to advertise online plus the other benefits as well, which included the advert being available for 28 days and that people could access it at any time. David with this evidence allowed me to go ahead and advertise online because I was able to do this I could also make the advert longer and more detailed.

Just under a week of putting the advert online we have had close to thirty applicants apply with one person applying just under half an hour of putting the advert online!! I am now in the process of calling applicants back and going through a pre screen interview to ensure that people fully understand the role and that they are suitable for the position before being invited to an interview.