Promotion for two true ‘Frontliners’

With nearly 30 years’ experience working at Frontline between them our announcement today should not come as a surprise: we are truly thrilled to announce the promotion of Nikki Blogg and Andrea Shotter.

Together they will be leading the operating team to ensure that we nurture happy operators, happy customers and most importantly happy clients.

Andrea will be assuming the role of Centre Manger. Andrea has consistently demonstrated her commitment to Frontline’s goals and objectives.  Since joining the business she has performed at a high level in managing the many aspects of client relations.  She will continue to foster relationships with clients but will be on the front line ensuring that her values and vision is transferred directly to the operators

Speaking at our quarterly staff meeting Andrea had this to say about her new role:

 “As the Centre Manager my vision is to have a happy, knowledgeable, excellent team who I can look after so that we each go home after work knowing we made a difference, we care and we love what we do.”

Nicola, or Nikki as we know her, will become our Resource Manager. Throughout her time in the company she has shown exemplary service, commitment, and dedication to the company. Nikki is a ‘facts and figures’ person and is perfectly suited in her new seat in our team.

Nikki keenly took the stage on Wednesday night where she shared:

“In my new role, I will be working closely with Andrea, providing her, the sector team leaders and the management team the statistics and reports they need to run the floor efficiently.  I will also have responsibility for the rotas and making sure we have the right amount of staff working at all times.“


Please join with me in congratulating Andrea and Nikki and welcoming them into their new role.