Seasonal Hiring

Your customers have expectations of your business. They expect to connect with a real person, first time, and get resolution to all their enquiries and issues. Queues and automated responses will frustrate them and reflect poorly on you.

Achieving customer satisfaction year round is no easy task, especially for seasonal businesses which need to ensure the right people are serving their customers – doing the right things at the right time. And timing is everything.

Seasonal hiring for peak season is an exhausting and stressful process at a time when you need to expand your workforce fast but run into the problem of finding engaged and motivated part-time and temporary workers. But what if you had at your fingertips the power to simply turn on a bank of customer service representatives who are trained and ready to go?

These representatives would be experienced individuals who know your business inside out: its services and products, as well as its ethos and customers. All this with no agency fees and no training costs* – just a stress free and managed service.

Frontline Communications Group offers a complete outsourced solution to provide an overflow team which is flexible and responsive enough to expand and contract with your needs. A solution that will ensure that your business knowledge is retained and issues of sickness, maternity leave, employee rotations and lack of training will no longer be a problem.

  • All the computer and telephony costs are built into the service charge. The technology we employ uses the best software and hardware available.
  • What we offer is based on the level of service you require ensuring the needs of your customers and your service level agreements are always met.
  • Our teams are available 24 hours a day, any time you need them
  • We are brand ambassadors for your business. Our systems and training ensure that communications is handled exactly how you want. This means that no matter when your customer calls, they receive a consistent response.
  • We collect and centralise the details of call information for subsequent analysis. Measurement and return of investment are the lifeblood of our business and we build the process to ensure that these key numbers are reported back at regular intervals.
  • We have the ability to add services and ‘scale up’ without commensurate increases in costs.
  • We have the ability and technology to respond and engage with the customer wherever and whenever they

Choosing Frontline Communications is a low risk option. When we engage with our clients our terms are for one months’ notice only. This minimises the risk and gives you the ability to test and trial new initiatives.

Now consider that this service will cost you the same as hiring through a recruitment firm.

Interested? Then speak to one of our team. David will be happy to take you through our service and how we could offer your business an enhanced customer service solution

*except the initial training and any updates