Support for Public Services with Call Handling

Our support team also has extensive experience of working with local authorities, housing associations and other public services where there is often a requirement to receive large volumes of calls from the general public with enquiries and complaints.

In these situations, there is a requirement for strict protocol to be followed at all times, for the contact team to have the skills and temperament to deal with sometimes angry calls, to process sensitive information and data, and to provide fast and effective solutions to those seeking help from a vulnerable position.

The Frontline team has been working with councils throughout the UK for quite some time now. We have provided teams that take inbound calls throughout the day, as well as offering overflow call handling support and out of hours response to help councils deal with calls from local residents on all manner of issues and emergency situations.

Sometimes it is as simple as providing a call line to take maintenance calls for a housing association. This involves taking information clearly and accurately, organising and liaising with maintenance teams and individual engineers to ensure that repairs and maintenance is carried out as quickly as possible.

We can also support alarm monitoring services, for burglar alarms and personal alarm systems, especially in situations where there are older or vulnerable people in need of support on an on-going basis.

To find out more about our public service call handling service contact Frontline today by calling 01489 866630 or by emailing