The emotional toll of taking calls from grief-stricken people

During times of grief, people take extra appreciation in being spoken to in a compassionate manner.

When a person has lost a loved one and they set about arranging the funeral, it is a desperately challenging time. Going through the costs associated with a funeral can seem far too trivial when one of the most important people in their life has passed away.

If you are involved in any aspect of the funeral industry, you will know the levels of sensitivity that need to come with answering the phone.

It’s a call that simply must be handled with care

When your office phone rings, nine times out of ten the person on the other end of the line will be experiencing profound grief, and most of the time you will deal with the call in the right way.

However, there will be occasions when you are just having one of those days, or are overworked, and you will not be in the right frame of mind to deal with a caller’s grief in the appropriate way.

Financially, this can be very damaging for funeral businesses as customers will look elsewhere.

It is a challenge faced by all levels of funeral businesses, from undertaker services to gravestone designers to flower arrangers to limo hire. In reality, handling these calls throughout the day takes an emotional toll and impedes you from carrying out your essential tasks.

What is the solution?

This is why it makes so much sense to enlist the services of a company that specialises in funeral call handling. As well as the obvious benefits this provides, it leaves employees free to go about their already challenging task of putting everything in place ahead of a funeral.

It could be that your company offers the very best funeral arrangements on the market. However, simply knowing that is not enough, and if you don’t appear sensitive to a grieving person they won’t go with your company.

Frontline provides a sensitive, empathetic and dedicated call-answering service on behalf of funeral businesses that leaves you free to do the tasks you specialise in.