The Frontline Partnership

When people think of a telephone answering service or call centre they imagine an operator in front of a screen reading off a script much like a robot. I say robot because they can only do what they have been programmed to do! This is ok if all calls were exactly the same, but unfortunately in life problems do occur which is when you get operators sounding inexperienced because their script may not tell them what to do.

At Frontline Telephone Answering Service we imagine staff that are knowledgeable and competent. We make this a reality by working closely with our clients, this means that our staff can deal with unexpected calls and situations that do occur in everyday life.

One of our clients which is a Funeral Director offers our staff bereavement training days. They have been running the training for our staff for 6 months now. This is a good example of how we work with our clients. This is because the training days give our staff the perfect opportunity to experience how our client operates. Our staff are also able to gain an in depth understanding of the funeral industry, their people and the company’s values.

We have also had the Funeral Directors come to our office to do the training day. This gave them the opportunity to see how we handle their calls. It also allowed them to see the care and attention that we apply to their calls when we take them.

The open day has benefited our staff a lot as they are more comfortable in taking the clients calls. This is because they have got the background knowledge which allows them to sound confident when talking to the client’s customers.

Sean, Frontline Telephone Answering Service