Tips for staying calm with a stressful client

We all have them. Clients who make a situation particularly stressful, whether it’s because of a complaint, late delivery on a service, or because they’re a tad high maintenance. In any industry, you need to be able to handle any client with ease, no matter how much they ask of you.

Whenever you start feeling stressed or emotional while talking to a client or working on what they need, take a moment to look inwards, and figure out exactly what is causing that negative reaction. If you’re feeling stressed due to overwork, the best thing you can do for yourself is taking a break from the situation. Walk away from the work for a little while, or if you’re with the client, take a sip of water or a few deep breaths.

Understand your client’s perspective, rather than believing that “the customer is always right.” The customer isn’t always right, in fact, you might need to take a second to understand that they came to you for help, not the other way around. You are providing a service that you client or customer cannot provide for themselves. You can, however, take a moment to understand where they’re coming from and suggest an alternative solution.

Create clear boundaries and agreements with your client. They should not be calling you or trying to contact you outside of your working hours. They should have faith in you to complete the task they’ve asked of you, above all else.