Tips on choosing a great outsourced customer service provider

Expert outsourced customer service brings three big benefits to your business; reduced costs, improved productivity and improved client retention. So, when should you decide to outsource, and how do you choose the right provider?

When to outsource

You should seriously consider outsourcing your customer service when:

• Your existing team cannot handle the volume of customer enquiries you receive
• You cannot provide the 24/7 service that your customers want
• You are spending more time servicing customers than working on new products and services

If you find yourself endlessly tied up with customer emails, telephone enquiries, and SMS messages to the detriment of your business, it’s time to think about outsourcing customer services.

Finding the right outsourcing partner

When choosing a provider to look after your customer service requirements, it’s essential that you choose an established firm with a good reputation and plenty of relevant industry experience. This is especially important for funeral directors, medical centres, and other businesses that require a professional and empathetic response to client enquiries.

Consider location

When choosing a company for your outsourced customer service, consider whether you want to use a UK firm or an offshore organisation. UK prices may be slightly more expensive, but you won’t run the risk of alienating your customers with a language barrier that could be the case with an overseas provider.

Check the cost

Before signing any contract with an outsourced customer service provider, always read the small print so that you understand everything about their terms of business, including security measures. Make sure that there are no hidden costs or fees and always ask for more information if you can’t immediately find what you are looking for in the paperwork.

Outsourcing your customer service provision requirements can really help to boost your business. Your customers will enjoy the improved 24/7 response that you can provide, especially those overseas who may otherwise experience delays in a response to their enquiries. For more information and advice on how we can help you, contact our experienced and helpful team at Frontline today.