Using a telephone answering service to manage your properties

Whilst some industries can operate on a strictly 9-5 basis, these are few and far between. These days, many businesses need to offer 24 hour customer support in order to stay competitive. With many consumers expecting to be able to contact companies at any time, it’s vital that businesses respond to these needs.

Landlords and property management firms in particular need to be accessible and able to respond to client queries. Whether you own properties and let them to tenants directly or manage a number of lettings on behalf of the owners, it’s vital that renters can contact you when they need to.

Responding to tenant’s needs

By providing a round-the-clock telephone answering service, you can ensure that you’re made aware of potential emergencies as soon as they occur. As well as providing a high level of care to your tenants, this also ensures that you can respond appropriately to the situation.

A serious incident, such as a bad water leak or gas leak, could cause significant damage to your property and could pose a danger to health and safety, too. Using an outsourced customer contact centre means that you can be alerted to such incidents and protect your property, as well as the safety of your tenants.

Why use outsourced customer service?

If you’re a private landlord, it simply isn’t realistic to provide 24/7 customer service on your own. If you own a number of properties, for example, you may receive regular calls around the clock and this could be detrimental to your own lifestyle.

Instead of trying to manage alone, a reliable telephone answering service will ensure that you’re alerted to any urgent calls, but that less serious calls are logged for your attention during working hours.

Even lettings agents and property management firms aren’t always able to provide an in-house telephone answering service on a 24 hour basis. In fact, it can be costly to employ staff for this purpose and can be far more cost-effective to outsource your needs to experienced customer care staff.

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