Utilising an Emergency Helpdesk for your Business

If you are the customer of a company and you have an important query or complaint, it can be incredibly frustrating to pick up the phone and find out that they are not open at the time you are calling. Whether this is early in a weekday evening, or at the weekend, it might be the only time that a customer has spare to call. As a company, this can also be incredibly frustrating, as it is a wasted opportunity – an opportunity to turn an interested party into a customer, or for a customer complaint to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, making a negative a positive.

One way that a company can improve this situation, boost customer satisfaction levels and profitability of the company, is to hire an external contact centre team to help act as an emergency helpdesk for your business – this can run for as many hours as you wish, covering opening hours for complaints and problem-solving issues, and at times when your office is closed (most likely, weekday evenings and weekends).

How Will an Emergency Helpdesk Assist my Company?

It is simple really. An emergency helpdesk can consist of a team of expert call handlers, that we have trained to understand all things your brand. Our team will know the products and services inside and out, providing a technical service to your customers should they have any queries or technical issues that require problem-solving. This could take the form of troubleshooting with certain types of products or services that you sell, it could be the way in which you handle post-sale care with your customer, but it is always a helpful way to boost your brand reputation.

Another benefit to hiring the Frontline team to assist with your emergency helpdesk needs, is that we can offer our service to cover whatever hours you see as necessary. For some of our customers there is only ever a need to work alongside the opening hours they currently run at, as an additional service for their customers to utilise. For other companies, our emergency helpdesk runs at times when the office is closed, such as evenings and weekends, ensuring that there is never a missed opportunity, and that all potential problems are covered immediately to protect the integrity of the brand.

Will My Customers be Satisfied?

What we do guarantee is that all of our staff will go into the job highly trained in all manners of customer service, with impeccable manners and the skills to make customer service work on a consistent level. We will also ensure they are well-versed in your brand, products, services, and company ideals. If a customer needs some help with a technical issue, our team will have all of the information at their disposal to problem-solve quickly. This means higher levels of customer satisfaction.

If you would like to know more about our emergency helpdesk service, or our other contact centre services that can assist businesses of various sizes, and in myriad industries, please feel free to contact Frontline today. You can do so by calling 01489 866630 or by emailing info@wearefrontline.co.uk.