Ways to show you’re listening over the phone

If your company receives customer phone calls, there is one vital element that can never go amiss; listening. Whether the customer has a question, a complaint, or a problem, they are going to need to speak with someone who displays excellent listening skills. Listening to customer needs builds trust, encourages reassurance and shows your company is understanding and compassionate. But it can seem quite difficult to display that you’re listening, simply through a phone call. With no face-to-face experience, you can’t use eye contact to demonstrate sincerity. However, there are ways you can show you’re listening over the phone. Take a look:

1. Repeat key points

Repeating key points from the customer conversation is a great way to show you have been listening and paying attention. It is your way of showing the customer that you understand what they have said, and that you’ve taken note of it. Make notes as they are talking and when they’re done you can read back the key points, and ask them to confirm that you’ve got it all correct. They’ll see at once that you’ve taken note, which shows you are professional and taking them seriously.

2. Ask questions

Find out more by actively asking questions. This shows you are engaged in the conversation, and taking in what the customer is telling you. Asking questions deepens your understanding of the issue, and turns the phone call into a two-way conversation, which proves you are listening carefully.

3. React

Sometimes customers will speak for quite a while before you’re able to take your turn at speaking. This doesn’t mean you can’t react though. Simple phrases such as “yes”, “I understand” and “okay” let the customer know you are listening, and still on the end of the line. Be careful not to interrupt them though. The best way to listen is to let them speak.

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