What to do when the customer ISN’T always right

It is a famous saying; the customer is always right. This phrase is used to promote quality customer service in all industries, with the intentions of always making sure that the customer is happy. However, in some incidences leading the customer to believe they are right when they’re not can be damaging to the company and even the customer’s experience overall. But what do you do when the customer is wrong? Take a look at the tips below…

1. Politely explain

You must never tell the customer that they are wrong. You can and should, however, explain the bigger picture so that they understand. Often, customers are angry due to a misunderstanding. If this is the case then you can usually fix things with a clear, polite explanation that leaves them feeling reassured.

2. Be empathetic

You don’t have to tell the customer that they are right just to keep them happy. Being empathetic to their anger or frustration builds a positive customer relationship and could help win back their trust. They may have gotten it wrong, but you must respond professionally and calmly. Just because they aren’t right, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t important and don’t deserve your respect.

3. Try to resolve their issue

Resolving an issue should not only be a priority when it is the fault of the company. If a customer is dissatisfied you should always try your best to resolve the problem for them. If you can’t, make sure you politely explain your reasons and offer useful advice. When a customer contacts you, whether they are right or wrong in their reasons, it’s usually because they need something. You should always go above and beyond to help.

Customer service is an art, particularly in a contact centre environment. It can be frustrating to deal with customer complaints that aren’t “right”, yet it is an issue that requires extra professionalism and care. To ensure that your company has a telephone answering service that is ready to deal with any incoming phone call, then contact Frontline today. We offer the highest standard of outsourced customer service, with fully trained staff that offer exceptional service at all times.