Where customer service fits into a funeral home business plan

Customer service is one of the core strategic components of a successful funeral home business, and should not be handled lightly. Community outreach and marketing create a brand reputation that will ultimately encourage families to consider your funeral home when the time comes. Here are the important factors of customer service, and how Frontline can help.

Providing for your community

Your potential clients have a continuously expanding list of options, so it’s now more important than ever before to create a strong case to make yourself stand out. To offer more effective customer service, a deep understanding of what the members of your community want is required, as well as how they perceive you.

Frontline has years of experience specialising in the caring and empathetic customer service needed in the funeral business. With staff that already know how to interact well with your community, you can feel confident that their perception of your company will be positive.

Do your own ‘secret shopper’ research

You can put your own customer service to the test. Consider the elements of your brand that the potential customer experiences. These include:

– Who answers when you call your company phone? What sort of thing do they say, and how?
– Listen to the music when you are put on hold. Does it reflect your brand effectively?
– Listen to your voicemail message. Is it clear? Does it indicate how long a customer would have to wait for a callback?
– Take an honest look at your team. Do they possess all the skills necessary to effectively communicate with bereaved individuals over the phone, in writing and in person?
– Examine your website. Does the content accurately reflect your brand and its ethos?
– Do you offer an email option? If so, does email correspondence sound professional in tone?

Frontline delivers a comprehensive, professional customer service approach that specialises in supporting funeral businesses and associated businesses that require a gentle response. Our staff are trained and experienced to give a compassionate and empathetic voice for customers, ensuring your funeral home business is approachable and comforting to people who are suffering from loss and grief.