Why an outsourced call handling service is essential for your new veterinary practice

If you run your own veterinary practice, you may find that a live answering and call handling service is extremely beneficial to your efficiency and client retention. In fact, an outsourced customer services team could be the answer to your prayers.

Personal, compassionate response, 24/7/365

A live call handling service means that you can offer your clients a seamless service, regardless of the day of the week or the time of the day that they call your practice. The importance of a compassionate, empathetic voice on the end of the phone is vital for people calling with concerns for the health of their pet or in a veterinary emergency.

You can ask to have the same team of call handlers covering your out-of-hours requirements who can be trained to prioritise calls. This personalised service ensures that your clients will feel confident that their pet always receives the timely and appropriate care it needs whenever they have to call your practice.

Cost efficiency gains

Calls to veterinary practices that are received outside of normal opening hours are usually dealt with through a series of automated menus and are ultimately taken by the vet ‘on call’ or by a locum. Having these calls dealt with by a call handling service will leave your veterinary staff free to do the job that they are paid to do – caring for in-patients and emergencies – free from the distraction of a ringing phone.

Small veterinary practices can struggle to find experienced reception staff to cover holidays. By using a call handling service, you won’t have to worry about hiring inexperienced temps to provide this cover. Trained call handlers can also deal with clients wishing to make appointments, order specialist pet foods, and enquire about test results.

In conclusion

If you run a busy veterinary practice, you will almost certainly benefit from using a call handling or live answering service to field your calls, make appointments, and deal with routine client enquiries.

For more information on how your veterinary practice could benefit, contact the helpful team at Frontline today.