Why call recording is essential for your contact centre

Recording calls within your call or contact centre can be a difficult task which utilises resources, but have you ever tried to fully understand why it is done? For any business that is centred around telephone answering services, the benefits of monitoring phone calls far exceed the time and resources spent on recording. Our experts discuss a few reasons why call recording is necessary in your contact centre:

1. Improve the quality of calls and skills of call operatives

One of the best ways of improving the experience of the end user is to have more skilled call operatives, and the best way for your employees to learn is through experience. By pinpointing examples and areas of improvement in their previous recorded calls, you can help to upgrade the skills of your employees, giving them personal examples to work from.

2. Recapture forgotten details

Occasionally, the specific requests of a customer will become misplaced or forgotten. Given the huge number of calls that will be coming into your contact centre and the variety of tasks that need to be completed, it is expected that some will get missed occasionally. However, by having the calls recorded, you will be able to revisit the conversation, and find out exactly what needs to be done without have to contact the customer again, which could potentially be embarrassing and reflect badly on your brand.

3. Track customer information and trends

By having a digital record of your customers, their needs and their wants, you are better able to recognise patterns and trends that are occurring within your business. By tracking this information and spotting trends quickly, you will be in a better position to react quickly, capitalising on demographic or product changes, and adapt your business accordingly.

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Photo: Telephone by Stella Dauer licensed under Creative commons 2