Why do businesses choose to outsource their call centres?

For any business it is essential to make money and expand, growing the company into one that is successful and rewarding. There are many ways to grow a business and this is where business owners and managers will focus much of their attention. In relation to this, you may have been wondering why so many businesses choose to outsource their call centres. Here are just a few of the many benefits.

1. More time to focus on core areas

When staff aren’t needed to answer the phones they can spend more time focusing on core areas of the business. These are the areas that really make you money such as sales. If you have staff answering customer service calls, who should really be working in other departments/in other areas, you will end up wasting your resources.

2. No missed calls at peaks times

During peak times the phone lines can become exceptionally busy and callers may face long wait/hold times or even no pick up at all. This is a sure-fire way to drive away business. With outsourced customer service you can ensure a larger team are on hand and ready to pick up, meaning no missed calls or disgruntled customers.

3. No missed calls out of hours

Missing calls during the day is one thing, but what about the evenings and at night? Not everybody is able to call during the day and if your company doesn’t offer 24/7 support you will miss calls and lose customers. Outsourcing your call centre eliminates this problem without you having to worry about finding employees willing to work night shifts or awkward hours.

4. Professional customer service

Training call centre agents can take a long time, and there is often cause for re-training or additional training to support staff in this ever-evolving line of work. With an outbound call centre, you can ensure that anyone answering your calls is fully trained, experienced and professional.

To ensure your company has professional call answering at any time of the day and night contact Frontline today. We have offered outstanding contact centre support since 1999 and will be sure to offer your business only the highest levels of customer care around the clock.