Why team building is important for your contact centre

While it may sound somewhat cliched, team bonding sessions are extremely important for employees working in contact centres. Spending most of the day working directly with customers can often leave little time for relationships between team members to develop. However, it has long been known that teams with close working relationships are happier and more productive, even at times when they aren’t working directly with their team members. Here are a few reasons why team building is important for your contact centre.

1. Discovering strengths and weaknesses

Any team-building activity will allow employees to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues, as well as offer them a greater insight into their own. This helps them to work better as a team, as stronger members of the team know when to offer assistance to those who are struggling, and weaker members can be mentored by the stronger members, increasing the whole team’s productivity. It also trickles down to the customer, with the sharing of skills meaning more customers benefit from improved telephone handling across your organisation.

2. Friendly competition

By having stronger relations with your colleagues, you are far more likely to engage in friendly work-based competitions with them. Competition has been proven to increase productivity, so by encouraging target-based incentives, your team is likely to become more proactive not only to win the reward but also to beat their colleagues. In turn, you’ll find contact staff become more adept at handling calls, meaning shorter wait times.

3. Better working environment

Staff work better when they are in an environment with people they like. Happier employees are more efficient and provide a better quality service, so it is important to try and encourage your employees to build relationships with each other. Team-building sessions can generate the initial sparks of friendships within the office, which are then likely to develop organically, giving the contact centre a better overall atmosphere which will benefit everyone, not least your customers.

At Frontline, we ensure that all of our teams build great working relationships with each other, which helps to improve their productivity and the quality of the services they provide to customers. We offer 24/7/365 customer support services to businesses and have over 18 years’ experience, making us experts in our field. Find out more about the services we provide, or contact us today.