Why you should make end-to-end customer service a priority

There are various schools of thought on when it’s best to invest in telephone customer service – should you front load it at the sales point so that customers can get information that might encourage them to buy? Would it be better to invest during the point of delivery? Or is after sales support the key to build brand loyal customers who return to buy from you again and again?

In truth, they’re all important elements of the end to end customer service journey. Here’s why:


Pre-sales customer service gives the customer an outlet to ask questions, learn more about the features and benefits of a product and understand more about what they are purchasing.

This is essential for high-end service or products because customers want to feel their business is wanted, that they are important and the luxury item they’re buying is going to enhance their life.

A good contact centre will be able to recognise this quickly and begin to build relationships to take the customer through the full sales experience.

During a sale – despatch and delivery

Where a product is involved, or a service is being delivered, it’s important the customer feels engaged and communicated with. Knowing when the product has been despatched and will arrive will take the anxiety out of any purchase, particularly a large purchase.

Having contact from start to end of the service being delivered is important. This will help ensure the customer knows when the service will start, how it will be delivered and what to expect, and helps the customer feel reassured.

After sales

Some companies stop their customer service at this point but following up with the customer will help them feel that their business is appreciated, will begin to build brand loyalty, and will set a business above its competitors.

A well-timed call asking if everything was OK with a product or service, asking for feedback on the customer service or sales experience, the product itself will also help shape future business.

Investing in a good contact centre with an experienced end-to-end outsourced customer service allows you to really put the customer first and is likely to build customer loyalty. Contact Frontline to find out how we can help you achieve this.