Will Your Customer Know That You Are Outsourcing?

One of the things we are often asked by prospective clients here at Frontline is whether or not the customer will know that we are an outsourced team. We completely understand that this worry is one of the reasons that many companies do not look to hire the services of a specialist contact centre team when they are looking at ways to manage customer service and the flow of calls in and out of a company.

At Frontline our services are always on a white label service. Your customers will never know that the person they are speaking to on the other end of the telephone does not belong to your organisation. There are a few benefits to hiring a call centre team to help you with call overflow services, for out-of-hours periods or to act as the sole point of contact for sales, complaints or general customer service.

The Frontline Promise

At Frontline we are committed to helping our clients when they are faced with the following problems:

Overflow Call Handling – This was one of the first services that we offered as a company and it has continued to be front and centre of everything that we do. Our employees are highly trained in dealing with any overflow falls that a client is struggling to deal with. This eases the pressure on your in-house team, and we’ll deliver the same exquisite customer service that you are known for.

Monitor Your Systems – With careful monitoring of our clients’ systems using the very latest technology, we can predict when you are most likely to come under pressure from a spike in calls and contacts. When this happens, the calls can be rerouted to our team who are ready and raring to go.

Out of Hours – Sometimes, you just don’t want to take the risk that you are missing out on potential business when your offices are closed. Our teams can take over when your in-house teams clock off for the night or for the weekend.

Fully Trained in Your Brand – All of our staff are given explicit instructions and training about your brand, products and services so that there is never any fear that a customer or potential customer realises they are not directly connected to you.

If you are concerned that your business is missing out on opportunities because it is failing to cope with the demands placed on your customer service team or sales team, then Frontline has the experienced team right here that is in the perfect position to help. We have plenty of experience and skills in manning the phones for companies within myriad industries. Our staff are courteous, highly professional, trained in all aspects of customer service and taught everything they need to know about your company, your brand, ideals, and products and services.

Your customers will never know that they are talking to a person away from the company, the join is seamless, allowing your team to recharge, react, or focus on other matters internally, whilst we take care of the customers. If you would like to find out more about our range of contact centre services for businesses, contact Frontline today on 01489 866630 or  info@wearefrontline.co.uk. We’ll help you maximise the potential of your business and maintain high standards when building relationships with your customers.