It gives us a sense of belonging It can keep us going It develops change and innovation It is an opportunity to motivate “Over the last couple of months, I have been working with Alexandra and the team at Frontline to continue to build on the info we provide Frontline to better enable them to answer queries from our customers. I think their team really is only as good as… Read More »

Frontline are “All over it!” Look no further as we could look to support your business as the Euros kick off. If there is one thing we have learned from the Pandemic it is that healthy work-life balance and as we all come together being proud to support England, why not let your staff leave early to watch the games? Why not let us take control of your calls for… Read More »

Did you know? Did you know that roughly 85% of the people whose calls you miss don’t call you back? Did you know that missed calls make an impact on revenue more than you think? Did you know that customers will only try to call a company twice without getting through before calling a competitor? Did you know one-fifth of callers will only call once; 77% of SMEs offer flexible working and 45% hot… Read More »

In 2020 we have all learnt what the word crisis means. We have had to make shifts in business and the way we conduct every aspect of our lives this year. When the country went into lockdown many businesses had to facilitate whole teams working from home. This meant having the infrastructure already in place to do this and robust Business Continuity Plans or BCPs. We have now entered what… Read More »

Since 1999 Frontline has provided critical support to our clients; supporting their customers 24 hours a day – this includes Christmas day. This year our work family, those professional and committed Frontliners, will be manning the phones, monitoring the emails, and responding to your customers via web chat so you can have a break. I’m ever so proud of my Frontline family and that we have a team that regularly… Read More »

It was a long time from the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in the 1870s to where we are now with the modern hub of a call centre. Early telephone exchanges Once the telephone had been invented it needed to evolve to handle more than one call coming in. That next step towards call centres came with the creation of the PABX (private automated branch exchange). This… Read More »

Call handling is important for a brand so it’s essential to consider how a customer feels after each of these experiences. Everything from, tone, to upselling and etiquette can be critical in representing your business values. What’s in a word It’s incredible what effect language can have on our experience on the phone. There are words and phrases that can be used to make a caller feel reassured and valued…. Read More »

Social media for business The explosion of multiple social media platforms in the last decade or so has surpassed anything we could have conceived at the dawn of the internet. Initially these platforms were used as their name would indicate, to document social occasions. The evolution of social media in the last few years particularly for business has been staggering. There is no opting out now and if businesses do… Read More »

Of course, these have a place especially for a quick answer. The convenience of this when most of us of us are accessing the internet via our smart phones can’t be denied. Sometimes you will be presented with multiple choice answers as companies have worked out what customers usually want the answers for. There are times however where the answers given don’t resolve the query and when this is the… Read More »

In a digital age where you can find out most information on websites, do we really need to employ people to answer a phone? The automated response I think these have their place there is no doubt especially when it comes to banking or simple tasks. Most of the time they are simple questions where you can press a button or speak your response to get to where you need… Read More »