Telephone communication is often a customer’s first port of call when trying to contact a business. As such, it is essential that you make a great first impression through this. Telephone answering services provide this excellent first impression to customers, keeping them happy and effectively directing them to the right person. Our experts have suggested four key ways in which telephone answering services can help your business to grow. 1…. Read More »

Companies of any size will discover that outsourcing first line IT support offers a number of advantages. Specialist contact centres offer efficient first line IT support services which can help cut costs and workload for IT departments and ensure problems are prioritised accurately and effectively. Some of the benefits of outsourcing first line IT support Outsourcing first line IT support provides a cost-effective solution, while ensuring all clients maintain the… Read More »

As a business you undoubtedly need people answering your telephones. Excellent and efficient call handling promotes customer loyalty, boosts sales and ensures that your business remains professional and contactable at all times. When you look at hiring call centre agents to manage your phone lines you probably consider their wage cost and little else in terms of finance. But there are actually some hidden costs that you may not have… Read More »

For any business it is essential to make money and expand, growing the company into one that is successful and rewarding. There are many ways to grow a business and this is where business owners and managers will focus much of their attention. In relation to this, you may have been wondering why so many businesses choose to outsource their call centres. Here are just a few of the many… Read More »

When customers call your business it is always with a purpose. They could be calling with a question, with intent to make a purchase or to make a complaint. Whatever the reason, it is vital to ensure that the phone call provides complete customer satisfaction. It is the best way to build trust and encourage customer loyalty and retention. Here are four ways you can ensure customer satisfaction over the… Read More »

In this age of modern technology, many call centres now rely on automated systems to manage their customer calls and enquiries. These bots can answer basic questions, solve basic issues and provide customers with more information. But undeniably there are times when an automated system just won’t do. In fact, here are just three situations that require real human customer service. 1. The customer is angry or upset When people… Read More »

Outsourced customer service can have an incredible impact on businesses of all sizes. Having all call centre enquiries dealt with offsite gives your onsite staff optimum time to handle the running of the business and everything that goes with it. If you’re thinking of outsourcing your call centre, here are three important questions you need to ask. 1. Is it affordable? For most businesses, the number one factor is cost…. Read More »

Providing customer service over the phone can be difficult, especially as this may be the only point of contact between the business and the client. As such, the ways in which phones are answered, and the quality of those calls, are key for building clients and promoting your brand. Below are four often forgotten tips to improve your telephone etiquette and make your life, and that of your customer, a… Read More »

Research shows that the opening seven seconds of a customer’s call to your company will set the tone for the rest of the conversation. Does your telephone answering service always get this right? Those initial moments are ‘make or break’ and determine whether the customer develops a positive or negative impression of the person they’re talking to and of your organisation. The clock starts ticking before the phone is even… Read More »

If you are dealing with customers and others on a regular basis, perhaps in a contact centre – especially in awkward or distressing situations, such as when undertaking funeral call handling – then your aim is surely to be as empathetic as possible. There’s an old saying that many people quote, yet it is exactly the opposite of what’s actually required. Here it is: ‘treat others as YOU would like… Read More »