When it comes to customer service you may often find yourself on the receiving end of angry customers. For contact centre staff, it is particularly likely that you’ll experience this anger, and it’s essential to know how to handle it. Anger manifests for various reasons, from complaints about a service or product to grief and sadness. With that in mind, it’s important to understand that no two customers are the… Read More »

Customer experience is at the forefront of business in today’s world and yet it can be a struggle to run a department or a company while trying to answer calls that may well pave the way for new opportunities. Equally, a barrage of calls can actually create more work for businesses and can result in important jobs being neglected. So what do you do? While it may seem logical to… Read More »

Some people may argue that in-house customer service is the best way to support customers. But when it comes to the busiest periods of the year – or sudden growth in your customer base – it can be difficult to provide the same reaction time and consistent quality that can be provided by an outsourced customer service. Here are four great reasons to outsource your customer support: 1. Trained, professional… Read More »

Working in the funeral service business, your priority is always your customers and supporting them in their hour of need. The best way to do that is to be there for them, and being as hands-on as you can. Customers value your close attention, and as word spreads of your excellent customer service, it’s sure to boost your reputation. The problem is that modern life places so many demands on… Read More »

As customers of a high-end brand are paying a lot of money for a product or service, they rightly demand to be treated like royalty. According to data from Help Scout, it is 60-70% easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one. As a result, nothing builds a brand – especially a luxury one – as effectively as great customer service. Done well, customer service will never… Read More »

When customers contact your business you must ensure that the highest levels of customer service are maintained at all times. It may seem easier to make a personal connection with your customer during a face to face interaction, but this can and must be done over the phone as well. Here are some tips on how to personalise customer service communication, for happier customers and business success. 1. Address customers… Read More »

Calling a funeral service is not an experience anyone looks forward to – it’s a time when emotions are running high and the caller is under significant stress. This means that even minor issues and imperfections, which most people would normally overlook, can cause major problems when someone is calling a funeral service. Thankfully, there are some tried and tested strategies that can help you avoid these hiccups. Answer the… Read More »

Great customer service no longer relies solely on products and purchases. The customer experience is what truly matters and it begins from the very first point of contact. When a customer calls, either for advice, to complain, to offer feedback or to ask a question, it’s vital that your call handlers respond efficiently and appropriately. There are many ways to ensure this is done well, but there are also some… Read More »

When an angry customer phones your contact centre, there are only two possible outcomes. The customer will either be appeased and calm down, or be frustrated further and potentially drop your business. Angry or upset customers will often shout down the line, bewildering inexperienced customer support staff. By strategically placing your answers and using empathy, you can relax customers and restore their faith in your business. Understanding why people shout:… Read More »

The value of quality customer service must never be underestimated. As a customer’s main point of contact within a company, it’s customer service reps who are responsible for building relationships, converting new customers and keeping old ones. Personalised customer service, which can be loosely defined as treating customers like individuals and not simply as customers, is the best way to provide a high-quality service that customers notice and appreciate. Build… Read More »