If you run a large organisation, you cannot solely rely on just one form of communication. You might be wondering, why not? Quite simply, all of your customers are different, and if you want to ensure you reach as many as possible, you need to use as many forms of communication as you can. There are many ways to speak to customers and interact that it makes sense to use… Read More »

We live in a time when technology is all around us, and with this comes more options for businesses to increase their sales. With the constant advances in technology, do we really need to pick up the phone and speak to customers or can it all just be done online? The answer is yes. If you run a business and want to improve your sales, you need to pick up… Read More »

Whether you are a new or established company, you should always be striving to improve your levels of customer service. Businesses who offer their customers excellent customer service will stand out, stay ahead of competitors and will enjoy a loyal customer base. These are some of the key elements of excellent customer service: 1. Patience Whether you are dealing with distressed customers or perhaps customers who are letting out their… Read More »

Unexpected situations can arise at any time and these can cause a lot of hassle and distress to a business. It may be the case that your business has been affected by a recent terror attack or the storms which have been commonplace recently and without the right measures in place, this could easily lead to a loss of important business. At these times, it is important to have backup,… Read More »

If you already have an in-house customer service team, you may need to consider external support during peak hours. Whilst it wouldn’t be cost-effective to expand your team and have advisors sitting waiting for the call to ring, you do need to ensure that customers can access a representative without long wait times. Outsourcing your overflow calls to an external contact centre may be the ideal solution. Providing cost-effective customer… Read More »

Although the internet has made businesses more accessible than ever, most customers still want to be able to contact companies via the telephone. In addition to this, standard 9-5pm business hours rarely meet customer expectations these days. With many consumers willing to pay extra for a product or service if they receive exceptional service, companies can meet their customer’s needs and even increase their turnover by providing a 24-hour customer… Read More »

In the retail sector there’s generally no quiet period as throughout the year different seasonal launches, sales periods and of course Christmas keep your teams super busy. Any retailer understands the crucial importance of excellent customer service, and with new brands emerging on and offline every day, there’s never been a more important time to put quality customer service at the heart of your retail operation. By delighting your customers… Read More »

Expert outsourced customer service brings three big benefits to your business; reduced costs, improved productivity and improved client retention. So, when should you decide to outsource, and how do you choose the right provider? When to outsource You should seriously consider outsourcing your customer service when: • Your existing team cannot handle the volume of customer enquiries you receive • You cannot provide the 24/7 service that your customers want… Read More »

Whilst some industries can operate on a strictly 9-5 basis, these are few and far between. These days, many businesses need to offer 24 hour customer support in order to stay competitive. With many consumers expecting to be able to contact companies at any time, it’s vital that businesses respond to these needs. Landlords and property management firms in particular need to be accessible and able to respond to client… Read More »

Once considered a recession-proof sector, funeral businesses are having to use creativity and fast thinking to remain competitive. Customers who shop around The British public are now more willing than to shop around – they have greater digital ability to research options and make decisions based on their own comparisons and the reviews and recommendations of other. At one time, being at the heart of local community was enough of… Read More »