When a crisis occurs, those affected may contact the emergency services as quickly as possible. However, they may also need to contact a number of different businesses and organisations. Businesses and companies which are responsible for people’s welfare, for instance, must be able to provide an accessible service. Housing associations, for example, are responsible for numerous buildings and, therefore, the safety of their tenants. Should an emergency occur, it’s essential… Read More »

When you’re dealing with a difficult call, whether the customer is upset or irritate, it’s crucial at all times to speak to them and communicate with empathy. Empathy by definition is ‘the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing, from that person’s form of reference.’ In other words, it is being able to step into that person’s shoes and see things from their perspective. When dealing with… Read More »

Everyone knows about love at first sight. But sadly some businesses are blissfully unaware of the concept of an instant ‘NO way’. Within seconds of meeting someone for the first time, or even hearing their voice on the phone, we evaluate that person. It goes way back to our most basic instinct – friend or foe? This has been the subject of much study over the years. The view is… Read More »

Whether it’s someone feeling vulnerable after hearing some hard news or an irate customer who is upset and frustrated, some calls can be difficult to deal with. Building rapport is a crucial way to ensure you give the customer a positive experience of the phone call and will make them feel listened to and empathised with. It is also a great way to build trust with the caller and should… Read More »

If your business is starting to grow and you want to increase your customer base, it is imperative that you are able to offer your customers an excellent service. One way to do this is by ensuring you are able to speak to them in their own language and by having multilingual representatives, it can set you on your way to achieving success with your business. Global expansion You may… Read More »

Building successful relationships is key to continued success, and every time a customer gets in touch with your business you have an opportunity to build on that relationship. Here are some of our top tips for making the most of your customer care. Professionalism For many of the services we offer, customers are calling at a time of difficulty; whether that be an IT issue that they can’t resolve themselves,… Read More »

Traditional thinking has been to make sure that you have as much information as possible available for your customers to find easily, without needing to speak to an actual member of staff. This has led to the creation of long FAQs or searchable knowledge bases to help customers find what they need. But the tide is changing – companies are now increasingly encouraging their customers to ask questions. Why? Because… Read More »

What are you best at? It is a question which many businesses could benefit from posing to themselves. As we know, time is money, so deciding how your workforce spends its time is one of the most important pieces of strategising you will do as a manager. Part of ensuring your team is using their time as wisely as possible can mean cutting out tasks which could be done by… Read More »

There’s no doubt that having their enquiry handled by a ‘real’ person rather than picked up by an answering machine is something that your clients will appreciate. Consider the following points, and ask yourself if your business currently delivers a service that your clients are happy with. If not, you might want to think about hiring a telephone answering service. First impressions Many people simply hang up if their call… Read More »

Nobody ever wants to need the services of a funeral service; it’s something that we turn to after tragedy has struck and we’re at our most vulnerable – which is why it’s so important for funeral services to provide great customer care to anyone who has to get in touch. The customer care offered under these circumstances needs to be tailored; it needs to broach the gap between friendliness and… Read More »