Receiving a phonetical from someone who’s upset, irate or angry isn’t an easy task, no matter how experienced you are in call handling. You’re answering the call as part of your job and don’t expect to be spoken to rudely, as it is likely you personally are nothing to do with the reason the person is upset. However, understanding how to deal with a call where someone is upset or… Read More »

In every line of business, people will often refer to truisms to help explain how conversations should be conducted. A couple of the most common are: ‘You’re only as good as your last encounter with that customer’ and ‘Always treat others as you want to be treated’. In fact, these are – even if we have to invent words for them – falsisms. A certain transatlantic political leader might even… Read More »

When a business chooses to outsource its customer service department to an external call handling centre, the number one concern is likely to be the level of customer care that is delivered. Not handling customer calls in house can raise concerns about the language that will be used when conversing with customers, and whether that company’s customers are treated as importantly as another company’s. There are many ways in which… Read More »

We’re all now well aware of the importance of body language. The way that we stand, how we move and the expressions on our faces can all have a huge impact on the way that we are perceived. Crossing your arms can be seen as closed off and unfriendly, while touching someone’s shoulder or arm lightly can help to create a positive impression – these are bits and pieces of… Read More »

For clients and consumers, customer service is key when it comes to choosing who to do business with. Often, people are willing to pay a higher price for products and services if they receive good quality customer care. Instead of losing business due to poor or haphazard customer service, companies can retain business and increase their revenue by delivering a good quality service to new and existing clients or consumers…. Read More »

Anyone considering outsourced customer service could well be unaware of one big change that is sure to shake up the way information gathering is carried out. In May 2018, businesses will find themselves subject to more stringent and far-reaching laws on the ways they gather personal information as the EU General Data Protection Regulation becomes law. Unfortunately, it carries with it hefty fines for non-compliance. Changing how you gather customer… Read More »

Any business taking in-bound calls must provide a professional and courteous service. When it comes to the care industry, however, it’s important that callers are met with a sympathetic voice. Funeral call handling, for example, generally involves speaking to people whilst they are going through an extremely difficult time in their lives. If someone needs to get in touch with a funeral director or funeral home, it’s likely that they’ve… Read More »

Charities do wonderful work for those who are deprived, vulnerable and in need of help and assistance. Charities are often thinly stretched on the number of resources that they can offer, as well as time. This is when many charities go down the outsourced customer service route. Below we share the importance of protecting your charity’s reputation and why your charitable organisation needs to outsource its telephone answering service. The… Read More »

When a crisis occurs, those affected may contact the emergency services as quickly as possible. However, they may also need to contact a number of different businesses and organisations. Businesses and companies which are responsible for people’s welfare, for instance, must be able to provide an accessible service. Housing associations, for example, are responsible for numerous buildings and, therefore, the safety of their tenants. Should an emergency occur, it’s essential… Read More »

When you’re dealing with a difficult call, whether the customer is upset or irritate, it’s crucial at all times to speak to them and communicate with empathy. Empathy by definition is ‘the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing, from that person’s form of reference.’ In other words, it is being able to step into that person’s shoes and see things from their perspective. When dealing with… Read More »