Automated messages and systems form part of the contact centre / customer experience in almost all organisations. Used intelligently, they help direct calls correctly and save time for both staff and customers. But a recent survey has found that some aspects of the process are failing more than others. These common automated service features frustrate customers and are the last thing callers want to hear… ‘Please listen to the following… Read More »

If your property management company or housing association is bogged down by the high level of calls you’re receiving, you may want to consider using a telephone answering service. Here are some great reasons why. Keeping your tenants satisfied When you have a lot of properties on your portfolio, meeting tenant demands and answering their complaints can be a stressful experience. You won’t have the time to deal with each… Read More »

Answering a phone call regarding the death of a loved one is always going to be a challenging situation. For nearly two decades Frontline has been providing a compassionate and empathetic telephone answering service and call handling for several hundred funeral homes. We are committed to providing the highest levels of customer care in these difficult conversations, and take several steps with our staff to ensure that every call we receive… Read More »

In theory, “call escalation” can be the key technique in problem resolution. Should a customer have a question a representative can’t answer, escalation is a neat way of diverting queries to more senior members of staff. Over many years, Frontline have developed a streamlined and effective escalation process that connects customers with the person who has their answers. Not everyone has the experience and management enjoyed by staff at Frontline… Read More »

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing your first line IT support to a specialist contact centre. Whether you’re a large business requiring additional, external IT support, or a small or medium sized business looking to improve the efficiency and expertise of your current IT capabilities – outsourcing your IT support can have significant benefits for your business. 1. Cost reduction Outsourcing your first line IT support is a very cost… Read More »

Whether you have just started up a new business or you have been trading for a long time, there are always ways you can increase your profits. Your business may have become a bit stagnant, maybe your reputation is far from perfect or you are struggling to get your business off the ground. Most businesses have these obstacles but fear not, there are some simple improvements you can make to… Read More »

As technology continues to evolve, an increasing number of businesses are turning to online forms for customer transactions, rather than providing a telephone answering service. However, although this may seem like an easier way to increase your orders, it can actually prove to be quite problematic. These are some reasons why a telephone answering service is a much more effective option. Personal approach Most people prefer a personal approach, which… Read More »

There are many advantages to outsourcing your telephone answering service – from cost savings in staffing, to the peace of mind you’ll gain knowing your customers are speaking to expertly trained professionals. Frontline has been providing 24/7 customer care services in our contact centres since 1999, empowering our staff to deliver the highest levels of customer service when speaking to your clients, even in difficult situations. Here are 3 of… Read More »

When you work with so many clients over the phone, you learn a lot about phone etiquette – including what not to do. From rude habits to impractical actions, here are some of the biggest “don’ts” that our employees will avoid at all cost when talking to clients over the phone. 1. Eating Clarity is key over the phone, as sometimes background noise or turbulent weather can make it difficult… Read More »

It may seem a strange proposition – that a healthy, growing business needs to actively encourage customers to ring in to complain – but here are just a few reasons why that kind of feedback is vital. Protect your reputation online People are quick to speak up when they are not happy with a product or service. And they will no doubt chat to friends about it. But these days… Read More »